Summer solstice Stonehenge live stream
Summer solstice Stonehenge live stream: How to celebrate the solstice online
Every year, thousands of visitors gather at the neolithic Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England, to celebrate the first sunrise of the Northern Hemisphere summer. However, this year’s event has been canceled; Stonehenge is currently closed due to Covid-19. While this news is disappointing, there’s good news: For the first time, English Heritage – which has provided access to the event since 2000 – will instead stream the solstice event online.
Summer solstice Stonehenge live stream

Places farther north will see the sun up longer. New YorkBoston, and Chicago all see more than 15 hours of daylight Saturday, while in Seattle the sun is up just under 16 hours.

But if you’re looking for round-the-clock daylight, you’d have to head toward the Arctic Circle, where the sun continuously circles through the sky all day (though from a low angle, which is why places like Alaska and northern Canada aren’t what most of us would consider warm and summery, despite all the sunlight they get during this time of year).


In 2020, the June solstice is Saturday, June 20, at 5:44 P.M. EDT. This date marks the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring when Earth arrives at the point in its orbit where the North Pole is at its maximum tilt (about 23.5 degrees) toward the Sun, resulting in the longest day and shortest night of the calendar year. (By longest “day,” we mean the longest period of sunlight.) At the June solstice, the Northern Hemisphere receives sunlight at the most direct angle of the year.


Year Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
2020 Saturday, June 20 at 5:44 P.M. EDT
2021 Sunday, June 20 at 11:32 P.M. EDT
2022 Tuesday, June 21 at 5:14 A.M. EDT
2023 Wednesday, June 21 at 10:58 A.M. EDT

Note: In the Southern Hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of winter.

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